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"Fiber to the Library"- FTTL Project

Library as "Community Technology Hub"

The Community TeleStructure Initiative proposes a national Fiber to the Library Project.

Make delivering 100+mbs connectivity to the nation's 16,500 public libraries a spearhead project for national broadband buildout strategy.

FTTL delivers high performance connectivity to every community and within a "mile" of every premise. Since libraries are accessible, free and open, uses like high definition video applications actually become quickly available to everyone.

This goal further supports at least three new key roles for the library as:

"Community Technology Hub"
Early Adopter   demo site & showcase/test bed for emerging technologies.
    anchor node to extend wider, faster network deployment
Face of E-gov   guidance and research assistance as first stop for online govít. (local, state, fed)
    tech support resource & community knowledge base
First Responder   hardened communications/information facility for disaster readiness and recovery
    anchor for civic emergency local voice/data network

Facilitator: Digital Village Associates  
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